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In order to better serve users, this website uses Google Analytics tracking technology. This uses cookies to find out how you found the site (either directly, through a search engine or via social media) as well as how you find your way around the site itself.

The information which is processed is anonymised, whereby no data is personally identifiable. To find out more about the kind of information which is collected by Google Analytics, you can see the product pages here. Generally, it detects where you came from, usage path, what browser you’re using (web or mobile and the specific software) and what data network you’re connected to - which gives a very rough location (usually to the metropolitan area within which the computer is based, depending on the size of network).

If you wish to prevent this tracking taking place, you can set your web browser to block any tracking. This varies by browser. At the time of writing, you can find how to do this in the following places:

Internet Explorer

or you can use a Private or Incognito browser page if your browser supports this.

Any data which is held by Google is deleted after 14 months. It is not shared any further to any 3rd Parties and is only accessible by Elliot Griggs.

If you are unhappy with these terms, it is suggested you no longer use this website. For additional peace of mind, you should clear your web cache and any cookies which may have been downloaded as part of the above tracking software. For further information, please contact Elliot Griggs on the details below.

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